What are the Best OTC Acne Medication Pills that You Can Buy?

otc acne medication pills

Sometimes other pimple treatment methods can do more harm than good, so what are the best over the counter medications for acne that you can buy?

otc acne medication pills

Many men and women look for OTC medications pills for acne like Acnetame, Acnepril, Murad, and Clearzine. Safe, affordable, and readily available these pimple products have been successful with helping people treat their adult and hormonal breakouts.

Acnetame Supplement Facts

best acne medication

Acnetame is not available in stores like Walmart but it can be bought on Amazon and at acnetame.com. It is a natural acne medication pill that you can buy over the counter that contains vitamins, minerals, and one amino acid which have been used by holistic doctors around the world for treating skin issues like pimples. Men, women, and teenagers have had success using this tablet as adults and teens can both experience hormonal fluctuations.

How Big are the Pills and are They Coated?

Each tablet is 935.81mg and is the size of a multi-vitamin. They are not coated and are relatively easy to swallow.

Does This Product Work for Back Acne as Well?

Acnetame works best for hormonal pimples no matter where it is on your body. It will help minimize the size of current blemishes while helping to decrease the amount of new breakouts.

Acnetame Amazon Reviews

This supplement has numerous positive reviews on Amazon and a high rating. Many people love this product because of it’s ability to help oily skin, reduce the size of existing pimples, and prevent new breakouts from occurring.

So here’s the deal, I’m a male approaching my mid-twenties and I have had highly sever cystic acne since I was sixteen. Now when I say sever acne, I mean it. I have taken two courses of accutane, and every possible prescription oral antibiotic, retnoid cream, and OTC topical treatment under the sun. While accutane worked great, as some of you may know, it’s results don’t last longer than 1.5 to 2 years after treatment.

Then I stumble across Acnetame, and holy crap does this stuff work! Not only has it clear up my acne, but it has also allowed me to stop using prescription medicine that can be harmful to your health with long term use (I.e. oral antibiotics). I noticed the results from Acnetame within a couple days, and I couldn’t be more happy with it thus far. Combining this product with a zinc supplement and a descent face wash has proven to give me exceptionally clearer skin.


My 19 year old daughter had great skin all through High School, then suddenly struggled with acne breakouts that didn’t respond to antibiotics or topicals she got from the dermatologist. The next step would’ve been Accutane, but she is a college volleyball player and didn’t like the sounds of the side effects. So, after extensively searching for optional products online, we came across Acnetame and gave it a try. She is mega-dosing with it (3 pills in the am, 2 in the afternoon, and 3 again in the pm), and it has worked perfectly for her!! No side effects, but best of all she is loving her skin!! We figure it’s cheaper than Accutane with the Dr. and lab visits involved, and there are no side effects–just clear skin!

-Julie Jorgensen

Clearzine Acne Pills

clearzine acne pills

Clearzine is not in stores like Walmart but it is on Amazon as well.  Zinc is one ingredient in this product which on it’s own can be a good treatment for some people however it has been shown that Zinc can increase testosterone causing more breakouts as high androgen levels lead to hormone fluctuations and pimples.

Clearzine Review

It is important to know this information before taking Clearzine. Safe dosage of this product is one capsule and there are 60 servings per bottle. Clearzine results depend on your sex, body weight, skin type, and severity of your acne as all people react to supplements differently.

One ingredient in this OTC oily skin pill is Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic Acid. This vitamin is important for reducing the amount of sebum or oil that is produced from our sebaceous glands. We do not have to worry about taking too much Pantothenic Acid because it is a water soluble vitamin so any excess in our body will be safely flushed out.

Acnepril Amazon

acnepril reviews

If you compare Acnepril vs Clearzine you will see that Acnepril does not have as many reviews and has a lower star rating.

Although this is not the case for everyone, some people who have had Acnepril side effects said that it made their face break out worse than before they started taking the tablets while others said that it helped them in the first few weeks.

Is Acnepril Sold In Stores?

You will not find Acnepril sold in stores like Walgreens or CVS as they only sell their product online. An ingredient in Acnepril which can help people prevent new blemishes is dandelion root as it is a diuretic meaning it helps flush excess water out of our system. With excess water we are also flushing out toxins and waste which can build up and cause clogged pores which eventually form into pimples.

Does Murad Acne Pills Work?

murad acne pills

Murad acne medicine contains vitamins and other detoxifying ingredients like Burdock Root. It is a good supplement stack that can help with skin problems but possibly may have some ingredients that may not be necessary.

Some people who have taken Murad acne medication review it as a good product when using a topical and taking other supplements in conjunction with it.

Murad Acne Pills Review

Just like any supplement these pills are going to work for some but not for others. The people that have had success with Murad acne medicine say that while their pimples have not completely gone away it has helped them clear up a lot of old blemishes and their skin is much clearer but people that it didn’t work for say that their skin got much worse while taking the supplement.

Which Acne Medication is the Best for Me?

Acnetame is the best over the counter medication pills for acne as it has the best customer reviews, highest star rating, price, and serving for your money. Most times acne medication otcbreakouts are hormonal as many people are unaware that their diet, lifestyle, and genetics play a role in the development of their pimples and this supplement is specifically designed for hormonal acne.

All supplements affect people differently so what works for one may not work for another. You never know which could work best for your specific skin and blemish type.


Have you tried any of these supplements for your skin? Leave your experiences in the comments below.

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