Can Stress Really Cause Acne Breakouts On the Body in Adults?

can stress cause acne breakouts?

Can you get acne from stress? Can hormonal acne pills help pimples?

can stress cause acne breakouts?

I think one thing that we can agree on is the fact that acne is a stressful experience that can hamper our lives in various ways, but can stress actually cause or make our acne worse? Depending on where you look for information you can find many different answers to this question. Even professional studies can give us results that we are unsure how to properly understand.

Usually when something plays a factor in increasing the level of acne problems that someone has it is directly related to the increased sebum (oil) levels in someone’s skin. Interestingly this study (read here) showed an increase in pimples but not in sebum levels. This is what leaves scientists baffled as to how and why there is an increase in acne from elevated stress levels.

When we are stressed our body releases a chemical named cortisol which has numerous effects on our body and may also effect our skin health but there have not been any studies in this regard to verify this thought.It could be hypothesized that stress could actually help decrease acne breakouts because increased cortisol levels hinder testosterone levels which are directly associated with acne flare ups as increased androgen levels are known to increase sebum levels in our skin which have a direct correlation with acne issues.

Does stress have a link to acne?

If stress has a link to acne, but that link is not associated with sebum levels what is the link between stress and acne? At this point the only thing we can do is guess until more studies are hopefully completed is speculate at possible reasons why these findings occurred.

One possibility is that there is no actual link between acne and stress and that this study may have an unknown variable that is throwing off the results. One possibility is that because all of the students being tested were about to take exams it can be expected that they probably shared other behaviors that could have thrown off the results of the study.

How do Hormonal Pills for Acne Work?

Hormonal acne pills can come in the form of supplements that can help regulate our hormones to prevent pimples like fish oil, evening primrose oil, and essential oils. Supplement stacks like Acnetame which contain powerful ingredients that are formulated for hormonal blemishes. Some ingredients like NAC, Vitamin A, and Co-Q10 help detoxify, improved skin elasticity, and regulate our blood sugar levels which is a cause of how hormones fluctuate.


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