DIY Recipes You Might Want To Lick Off Your Face! Herbal Acne Supplement Pills


Facial masks are a great way to get natural herbs into our skin to help fight pimples and fine lines especially because they are made with natural ingredients. In conjunction with these masks we can take over the counter herbal supplement pills for acne that can increase the effectiveness of reducing blemishes and keeping our skin healthy.

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Herbs transform skin care into fragrant, potent skin food that you might be tempted to eat. Actually, some of these recipes ARE edible and work as therapeutically internally as they do externally.

Face masks can bring skin into balance by delivering healing levels of nutrients to the skin. Creating your own recipes allows you to determine the right ingredients that work ideally with your skin type. They’re extremely versatile depending on the results you wish to achieve.

Tip: Introduce new herbs, oils, or products slowly so that skin has time to adjust and so that you discover what works for you or what causes an adverse reaction — like a rash.

Some redness or tingling on the skin during or after a mask is normal and desirable as it stimulates blood flow to the skin and elicits a healing response, according to skin care specialist, Cecilia Wong. However, if…

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