5 Easy Ways to Get rid of Face and Body Acne Fast!


These methods below can help you get rid of face and body acne fast.

One way to get rid of face and body acne fast is by using pimple medications, however those are very expensive and can also come with side effects such as dry skin, irritation, discoloration and even liver problems. To get rid of blemishes ASAP and avoid those side effects in a more natural way, take a look at these  5 easy tips to get rid of face and body pimples fast!


5 easy ways to get rid of acne

Even though summer is over and it is getting colder out, the sun can still damage your skin and cause blemishes, premature aging, and skin cancer as well. Lather on sunscreen even during the winter months to keep your skin looking young and to prevent breakouts.

Avoid touching your face

avoid touching your face get rid of acne

It is important to do this as oil and dirt can spread from your hands and fingers. This is a main cause of bacterial pimples but can very easily be avoided. It is also a good idea to sanitize your cell phone because bacteria can be spread and breakouts can occur on your jawline!

Drink a lot of water

drink water easy way to get rid of acne

Staying hydrated will help remove waste in your body and skin. Drinking plenty of water will clear your skin and get rid of pimples fast. Breakouts and poor skin quality can also be caused if your diet lacks vitamins and essential fats. Ditch the dairy products as well if you want to get rid of pimples.

Snack on Acne Fighting Foods

acne fighting foods to get rid of acne

Some of these foods for hormonal acne that contain vitamins & minerals include almonds, watermelon, whole grains, and green tea. Mixed nuts are great to snack on as they contain selenium which helps skin elasticity and can help prevent against cancer. Selenium is also part of the Acnetame ingredient stack. These foods are filled with antioxidants and nutrients that can help get rid of blemishes.

Avoid taking hot showers

avoid taking hot showers to get rid of acne

As someone who has rosacea I know personally that hot water can induce flareups leaving my skin a bit bumpy and blotchy. Even though a hot shower feels great, try to limit the amount of time you are in there because hot water can dry out the essentials oils in your skin and cause flushing.

These are some of the things I do to get rid of face and body pimples fast and prevent acne breakouts. Follow these easy tips too and you will see that you can start getting rid of face and body blemishes ASAP!


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