Acne and Diet A Review of the Latest Evidence

You may not know it but your diet could be the reason why you are getting acne. There are studies showing that sugar, high-glycemic carbs, and diet soda are the reason why we get pimples.

Acne and Diet A Review of the Latest Evidence.

When we eat these types of foods we spike our blood sugar levels and they become unstable. This is that really energized feeling followed by the crash that many of us experience when eating foods like cereal, desserts, and trans fats.

When our blood sugar levels are unstable that is when our hormones start to fluctuate and our body produces pimples in result of those fluctuations. If we keep our blood sugar levels stable by eating a diet that contains more fiber, less sugar, and more essential fats we may be able to avoid these hormone fluctuations and acne as well.

The foods that we want to get in our diet are ones that contain essential fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals such as nuts, avocados, and fish.

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2 thoughts on “Acne and Diet A Review of the Latest Evidence

  1. Thomas L. says:

    It very common that people do not understand that diet is their problem, unfortunately for many people this is not something they can easily remedy though. One thing is for sure, anyone who is strong enough to actually diet is never unhappy with the results.

    • Melody Gramer says:

      I agree Thomas. It was hard for me at first to cut out sugar as I used to eat pints of Haagen Dazs ice cream like it was nothing! I was not aware of the hormone fluctuations it was producing in my body nor was I aware that that was the reason why I had trouble losing body fat.

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