The Definitive Guide to Chin Acne Causes and Treatment

The Definitive Guide to Chin Acne Causes and Treatment.

Chin acne is mostly caused by hormones and can sometimes be genetic. Fluctuation of hormones lead to overactive oil glands which cause increased testosterone levels that lead to androgenic side effects like pimples. Not just teenagers experience hormone fluctuations as adult men and women can get chin blemishes too.

These fluctuations can occur during puberty, through elevated testosterone levels and even by the food we eat if we are not aware of the ingredients that can cause our blood sugar levels to spike therefore causing fluctuations.

In order for us to properly treat our blemishes we have to be knowledgable about where it comes from, why it happens, and how we can prevent it using OTC vitamins for hormonal acne as well eating a diet that contains essential fats and low-glycemic carbs.  We can help prevent and possibly treat our pimples by taking acne pills which contain important ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which are beneficial for multiple skin issues.

This guide can help you figure out what is causing your chin acne and the ways that you can treat and prevent it.

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