Back Acne Treatments that Work

back acne treatments that work


Back acne or as some call it “backne” is the same kind of breakout we would experience on other parts of our bodies like the face and neck. Among the many possible causes of back pimples there are also many back acne treatments that work including prevention with over the counter vitamins for acne.

back acne treatments that work

What are Some of the Causes of Back Acne?


Not every person gets backne for the same reasons because everyone’s body chemistry and lifestyle is different.

Is it true that these pimples are caused by hormones?


Hormones can be a root cause of these blemishes because that is our bodies’ way of telling us that there is an unbalance in our body. Breakouts are due to an androgenic response caused by high testosterone levels. This is most commonly caused by puberty, menstrual cycles, or steroid use.

Friction & Hot Humid Days

sweaty back

Acne Mechanica can occur where ever there is friction and heat near the skin. Many times athletes experience this type of body acne from chin straps or sweating all the time. Hot and humid days can increase the chance of this type of breakout and back pimples.

It can be Hereditary Too


If your parents have oily skin or pimples then it is likely that you will have the same skin type. Unfortunately we can not change our genetics but we can try different treatments which can be effective for fighting body pimples.

Our Diet Can Prevent Breakouts

diet causes acne

Some people do not believe that their diet has something to do with their breakouts when in actuality changing our diet for the better is one of the best back acne treatments that work.
Many times when we consume diary, fast foods, and cereal we may be ingesting ingredients which can cause hormone fluctuations therefore causing backne breakouts. Instead of eating these foods in our diet it is beneficial to eat vegetables, low-glycemic carbs, fruits, and omega-3s in order to prevent breakouts.

Back Acne Treatments That Work


Treatments vary person to person but these are some of the best back pimple treatments that work like topical products and OTC vitamins for breakouts.

Topically On the Skin


    • Going into a tanning bed or getting a bit of sun can help relieve redness in blemishes as UV light has been shown to kill P.acnes which is formed by bacteria. Applying benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid may help dry out pores and pimples and kill bacteria as well.


    • Popping pimples may seem like a good idea to get rid of backne quickly however popping them can ultimately cause scars which may never disappear. Touching them can also make them more inflamed. If you would like to pop these blemishes I would suggest waiting until they are white-headed and ready to pop.


    • Over-washing our body with astringents can cause our skin to produce more oil therefore making it more oily and prone to breakouts. It is beneficial to use astringents only twice a week to help dry out skin. Using non-comedogenic cosmetics and skin products will not clog our pores and are better to use for those with pimple prone skin.


Herbs & Essential Oils

best essential oils for acne

Over the counter essential oils and herbs are an effective and underused way to treat blemishes. They can help us control our hormones, reduce inflammation, and fight bacteria which all play a role in the development of backne. Many of these herbs and oils also contain anti-septic, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties and are effective back pimple treatments that work.

What are some of the best herbs and essential oils to use?


Some of the best herbs to use for pimples are aloe vera, calendula flower, and licorice. Aloe vera contains around 70 different proteins, minerals, and vitamins including a natural salicylic acid while calendula flower and licorice both kill bacteria and have anti-inflammatory effects.
Essentials oils are also natural and safer treatments that work for back acne. One oil that is a must for pimples is Tea Tree Oil. It has a strong smell but it is very effective as it has been compared to benzoyl peroxide for treating breakouts.

Over the Counter Acne Vitamins


Many times we don’t think to use OTC supplements for acne but they are actually good for a number of things like treating pimples. The best vitamin supplements to take for breakouts include Vitamin A, B5, and B3, as well as minerals and amino acids like Selenium and NAC.
NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) is especially important for our skin health because it is a natural form of sulfur which is a powerful detoxifier which helps our body get rid of toxins and waste that may buildup in our body and cause issues like blemishes.
An over the counter supplement that has these vitamins, minerals, and amino acid in it is Acnetame which has studies behind these ingredients backing their effectiveness for treating hormonal breakouts and being a treatment that works for back acne.

It is Possible to Treat our Backne

Pimples can be embarrassing and hard to deal with but with the right treatments for back acne that work either topical or oral we can help combat these breakouts and get the clear skin we desire. Using these treatments take time and sometimes not all treatments work the same for every one. It is important to see what works best for your skin specifically and always do research as well as consult a doctor before starting any of these treatments.

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