INFOGRAPHIC: Acne Statistics in America

acne statistics in America


Acne is a skin condition which affects 40-50 million Americans.


It can be mild causing small pimples and blackheads or can be more severe causing cysts and eventually scarring.
Many people experience breakouts from their early teens and even into their 50s and can be caused by a few things including hormones, overproduction of oil also known as sebum from the skin’s oil glands, and dead skin cells that build up and clog pores.
Acne is considered a social taboo and makes people feel uncomfortable and self conscious in their own skin as depression has been reported in 11% of females who have acne.
There are many treatments for different types of pimples including over the counter acne treatment pills, prescription medications, and natural home remedies.
Take a look at this infographic showing more acne statistics in America.
acne statistics in America

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